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Introduction to Sway Struts

Creating a Sway Strut Restraint

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro™, please see our Quickstart Documentation before proceeding.

All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

The following tutorial will show the design process of creating a strut with Forgeworx.
The following parameters will be chosen from the Support Parameters and support data:

    1. Under Restraint Type 1 drop down menu, choose Sway Strut.
    2. Service temp: 1000
    3. Pipe size: 24 in
    4. Insulation thickness: 3 in
    5. Normal Load: 4000 lbs

Under Restraint Data, parameters will be chosen to determine the load, vertical or horizontal attachment, and attachment direction of the sway strut.
In order to create a strut, you must have 2 out of 3 of the following directions explained below:

This choice allows you to enter lengths in both the x and y axis to place the center point of the restraint attachment.

You can enter the length from the center of pipe along the y-axis and the angle from the x-axis.

You can enter the length from the center of pipe along the x-axis and the angle from the x-axis.

Continue to enter:

    1. Restraint load: 5000 lbs
    2. Horizontal attachment: yes
    3. Attachment input choice: X/Y
    4. Lateral Offset: -64
    5. Vertical Offset: 45

And this will be the Forgeworx results:

As you can see the rear bracket is now located in Quadrant 2 of the coordinate plane. To create the sway strut supports that you require, the rear bracket can be placed in 360 degrees around the pipe utilizing positive and negative dimensions. The following picture will show which dimension needs to be positive or negative to place the rear bracket.

Under Restraint Data, change the Y dimension value:

    1. -45
    2. Change from Horizontal attachment back to Vertical Attachment

See how the rear bracket is now in Quadrant 3 of the plane:

You have now completed the sway strut tutorial.
The .dwg and .stp files can be retrieved from your session of Forgeworx or by the below links.

Download a copy:

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