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Navigating Forgeworx Help and Customer Support

 Welcome to the Forgeworx Help Tutorial! This tutorial will guide you through the Forgeworx Pro help and documentation page, as well as our industry first live chat support feature.

Available Help Resources

 Anvil Forgeworx Pro has three help resources available to the user:

  1. User Documentation
    User Documentation exists on the web here. It can be accessed by entering the link into your web browser, or in the configurator or project browser by clicking on the help link
    (2 photos – 1 of the button in the configurator, 1 in the project browser)
  2. Live Chat
    Live chat allows you to connect directly with an Anvil engineer. By clicking on the Chat Live link in the project browser or configurator, you can talk to an engineer through an instant messenger, VoIP, and enable a remote assist feature where Anvil can guide you step by step through the design process.
  3. Email
    Anvil can also be reached through email here or at eps_contact@anvilintl.com.
User Documentation

 Clicking on a help link will bring you to the user documentation page. The panel on the left is for site navigation.
anvil forgeworx
Tutorials and guides are broken up into four categories:

Live Chat Support

Clicking on the chat live link anvil forgeworx will launch the NETop © live chat application. It is only available when logged into Forgeworx.

anvil forgeworx

anvil forgeworx

Once the plugin is installed, a help screen will appear.

anvil forgeworx

Once in the chat screen, type your question into the help box to begin speaking with an engineer. If you wish to speak over VoIP, Anvil's engineer will send a request that you enable audio features.
anvil forgeworx
If this is the first time you’ve requested VoIP support, a plugin must be downloaded. Alternatively, if VoIP cannot be implemented, an Anvil engineer is available by phone.

More complicated support requests may require on-screen guidance from an Anvil engineer. If this is necessary, Anvil will send a request for either remote view or remote assist. Remote view will allow the Anvil engineer to see the user desktop. Remote Assist enables the Anvil representative to take control of the desktop and manipulate Forgeworx Pro.

anvil forgeworx

Note – First time users of the instant messaging, VoIP support, or remote view/assist features will need to install web plugins to their browser.

anvil forgeworx
Note - If all Anvil representatives are busy or your request comes outside of business hours, a form will appear with an email submission request. Please fill out and an Anvil representative will respond within one business day. anvil forgeworx

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