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Introduction to hardware

Creating a vertical hanger

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro™, please see our Quickstart Documentation before proceeding.

All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

 This tutorial will show how to create a vertical hanger utilizing standard Anvil EPS hardware. In the following sections you will create a basic hanger that will return a default configuration based on your inputs. The hanger can then be modified by selecting different parts in the assembly. To begin, input the following:

      1. Create vertical hanger under support type
      2. Check box for existing beam
      3. Select W6x15 in drop down under existing beam parameters
      4. Under elevation parameters enter 96 as Existing steel parameters, and 0 as Pipe center elevation
 This will add a turnbuckle to the support. When calculating rod lengths, there is a rule to keep rod lengths at 6ft and 12ft when possible. Forgeworx will automatically adjust hanger length to allow for the best possible combination to utilize these two rod lengths. Forgeworx has a maximum rod length of 19ft 6in.

Support data:

This section will provide the inputs to adjust movement, load, pipe size, temperature, and pipe direction, please make the following inputs:
      1. Service Temperature - 900
      2. Pipe size - 16
      3. Insulation thickness - 4in
      4. Load - 1500lb

To continue adjusting parameters of this support, we will find the parts tree on the left, and open the Support Assembly under the mark number.

Hanger support parameters:

  This section allows you to change the hanger type between rigid, spring, and constant; because we have no movement, it will stay as a rigid hanger. You can also change the max rod length without turnbuckle. This will allow you to change the maximum length of the top rod before a turnbuckle is added. Increasing the value of this parameter will remove the turnbuckle.

  The parts and pieces of hanger assemblies designed by Forgeworx are selected based on the engineering parameters entered and the desired hanger configuration. They can be modified from the default selection if the design parameters do not exceed the maximum for that value. For example, you could change a Fig. 212 pipe clamp to an alloy Fig. 295A if desired. However, if Forgeworx returns an alloy clamp due to higher temperatures, you will not be allowed to select a Fig. 295.

The configurable options are as follows:
To continue, enter the following inputs:
      1. Structural attachment - Fig. 228
      2. Top rod - Fig. 140
      3. Turnbuckle - Fig. 230
      4. Turnbuckle opening – 12
      5. Bottom rod - Fig. 278L
      6. Pipe attachment - Fig. 224

You have now completed the hardware tutorial.
The .dwg and .stp files can be retrieved from your session of Forgeworx or by the below links.

Download a copy:

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