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Configurator Parameters

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro, please see our Quickstart Documentation before proceeding.

All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

Support Parameters

These parameters indicate what kind of support assembly is at this location.

Existing Structure Type

These parameters indicate what existing structure is present at this location. Existing steel will not be returned in a BOM and is for the hanger sketch only.

Elevation Parameters

These parameters allow the user to specify the elevation of the center of pipe, the structural attachment elevation, or the overall length (OAL). Only two of the three are required, and the third becomes the driven dimension. When the OAL or attachment elevations are modified, Forgeworx will maintain the pipe elevation. If the pipe attachment is modified, Forgeworx maintains the OAL. Elevations are input according to the following conventions:

  1. The hypen character "-" is the delimiter between feet and inches
  2. The space character " " is the delimiter between whole number of the inches field and the fractional part of the inches field.
  3. The decimal point "." can also be used as a delimiter between the whole and fractional numbers of an inch


Drawing Options

For more complex Forgeworx configurations, some of automatically generated drawing annotations can add clutter to a drawing. These configurations should be modified manually. To make this easier, Forgeworx has the option to not generate annotations so the designer can begin with a clean slate.

Existing Beam Parameters

This category configures the existing beams. It also determines the available supplemental steel types. It is only visible when the “Existing Beam” box is checked.

Beam Perpendicular to Pipe

Beam Parallel to Pipe

2 Parallel Beams

Existing Column Parameters

This category configures the existing column. It is only visible when the "Existing Column" box is checked.

Support Data

These parameters are visible after a support type (Hanger, Base Type, Strut, Snubber) has been selected. They include load, movement, and pipeline properties. These properties all have an impact on the selection of support components in an assembly.

NPS Forgeworx Input Outer Diameter
1/2 0.5 0.84
3/4 0.75 1.05
1 1 1.315
1 1/4 1.25 1.66
1 1/2 1.5 1.9
2 2 2.375
2 1/2 2.5 2.875
3 3 3.5
3 1/2 3.5 4
4 4 4.5
5 5 5.563
6 6 6.625
8 8 8.625
10 10 10.75
12 12 12.75

Restraint Data

These parameters appear when Restraint Type 1 or 2 is set to either a Strut or Snubber. If two restraints are selected, they will be broken up into Restraint Data and Second Restraint Data:

Support Options

These options are available to the user to configure the design as needed.

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