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Base Support on Cantilever with Spring / Constant

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro, please see our Quickstart Documentation before proceeding.

All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

This tutorial will guide through the combination of a base support with movement and supplemental steel. The addition of the movement will add a spring or constant, depending on the movement. This tutorial will depict a spring, but Forgeworx also has the ability to create the base support constants.

      1. Select Base Support from the Support Type drop down menu
      2. Existing column
      3. Create supplemental steel

Next we will enter the anvil supplemental steel inputs under the parts tree on the left:

      1. W10x60
      2. Cantilever elevation – 0
      3. Beam length – 36
      4. Use brace
      5. Brace type – angle
      6. Brace size – 6x6x3/8
      7. Brace side – top
      8. Brace location – 18

We have just finished modifying the supplemental steel cantilever, now we will modify the existing column by returning to the mark number level:

Under Existing Column enter the following:

      1. Profile – w21x182
      2. Extension below center of pipe: -12
      3. Lateral offset - 27

Now that the supplemental steel and existing column have been changed, we will modify the support data parameters:

      1. Pipe center elevation – 36
      2. Vertical movement – 2
      3. Normal load – 500

We have now completed a base support on supplemental steel with a spring. A constant may also work in this configuration if you have a greater movement. To create a constant we will change the movement which is under the support data:

      1. Movement – 5

You have now completed the base support on catilever with dynamic support.

Download a copy:

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