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Creating Vertical Steel with a Supplemental Cantilever

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro™, please see our Quickstart documentation before proceeding.

This tutorial will guide you through the creation of a braced cantilever off of a column. All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

The first step is to create a vertical hanger under Support Parameters, create existing column under Existing Structure Types, and then create supplemental steel under Existing Steel Parameters

  1. Under SUPPORT PARAMETERS select Vertical Hanger from the drop down menu.
  2. Check the box to use Existing Column.

  1. Check the box to Create Supplemental Steel, this will create a cantilever that attaches to the column and the top attachment of the vertical support. We will modify this later in this tutorial.

Existing Column Parameters - Here you will be able to modify the Columns steel type between an I-beam and a steel tube. You will be able to change the profile, how far away from center of pipe the column is placed and how far above or below the column will extend.

  1. Vertical Steel Type = I-Beam
  2. Vertical Steel Profile = W12X26 Beam
  3. Vertical Steel Offset = 24in
  4. Vertical Beam Start Below Pipe = 0in
  5. Vertical Beam End Above Pipe = 96in

In the parts tree on the right find the Anvil Supplemental Steel Inputs to modify the cantilever.

     Here you will modify the cantilever. Changes include the steel type (I-Beam, Tube, and Angle) and the profile (size) of the different steel types. You can change the elevation of the cantilever relative to center of pipe, how long the cantilever extends past the vertical center of the pipe and you may change the size of the weld needed to attach the cantilever to the column.

     A brace may also be added if necessary. The brace steel type and profile may be changed in the same manner as the cantilever. You can also change the location of the brace, whether it is on top of or below the cantilever, and where on the cantilever you want the brace to be attached. You can also add a base plate to the brace (this will be explained a little later).

  1. Steel Type = I-Beam
  2. Steel Profile = W6X15
  3. Cantilever Steel Elevation = 50in
  4. Beam Length = 30in

Cantilever Brace

  1. Type = Angle
  2. Size = 2X2X1/4
  3. Cantilever Support Brace Location = 26
  4. Check box to add base plate with cantilever
  5. W=4in and L=10in
You have now completed the vertical steel with cantilever steel support:

Download a copy:

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