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Introduction to Constant Supports

Creating a vertical hanger with a constant support

If this is your first time with Anvil Forgeworx Pro™, please see our Quickstart Documentation before proceeding.

All inputs will be made in the configurator screen; a walkthrough to this screen may be found here.

Let’s start by creating the vertical hanger shown in the hardware tutorial.
  1. Select vertical hanger
  2. Enter an overall assembly length - 120 in
Under Support Data, enter the following values:
  1. Vertical movement - 6
  2. Service temp - 900
  3. Pipe size - 20
  4. Insulation thickness - 3
  5. Load - 8500
  6. Support variability under Support Options - 20
The hanger should look like this:
Next go to the parts tree on the left, find and open the support assembly to modify the constant support of the hanger we have created:
The current hanger is using a constant series 80-V type B. If headroom is an issue, the hanger series and type can be changed:
  1. Constant series - 81-H
  2. Hanger type - B
  3. Structural Attachment - 66P

If there is a structure in the way above the pipe that cannot be moved, a trapeze hanger can be created:
  1. Return to the Mark Number properties menu
  2. Under support options check the box for trapeze hanger (a more in depth tutorial explaining trapeze hangers can be found here).

Return to the Support Assembly tab to adjust the constant hanger:
  1. Hanger series – 80-V
  2. Hanger type – C
  3. Structural attachment – 55L

The constant support hanger should now look like this:


You have now completed the constant support assembly tutorial.
The .dwg and .stp files can be retrieved from your session of Forgeworx or by the below links.

Download a copy:

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